Configuring TACACS+ on Cisco Switches/Routers


Adding security to your Cisco routers and switches is important. AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) in general is incredibly important, especially in corporate environments. I’ve recently moved to the AAA protocol of TACACS+ (“Tac Plus”) for our switches after a few unauthorized changes and not knowing who did what. To get TACACS+, there are a few methods you can take. First, you can go the commercial route. Cisco has a TACACS+ server as do some other vendors. Or you can go the free route. Free obviously lacks features like commercial support, however I found a great TACACS+ server that runs on Windows. I have a dedicated virtual machine that is my TFTP server for performing upgrades of software so I decided to make it my TACACS+ server as well. The software is It’s a great and well documented free piece of software built on .NET.

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