Setting up GnuPG Encryption For Email

gpg2Let’s be perfectly real here: email in it’s vanilla form sucks. It’s insecure, it’s unreliable, and yet it’s our preferred communication method. What can we do? A good bit, actually. While we can’t fix the problems like including encryption from the get-go, we can add it to our emails now. We can also sign our emails so people will actually know it’s us. This is one of the reasons why spam is so wild – because it’s just so darn easy to send email. Unfortunately, this does require a bit of “classic” computing using a good old email client and a plugin. This tutorial is designed for Windows users and will work on any OS Windows XP or newer. However, the software being used is cross-platform so it will work on Mac OS X and Linux.


For this to work, we’re going to need the following

  • Thick email client such as Thunderbird (preferred) or Outlook
  • Gpg4win
    • If you’re using Outlook, Gpg4win has an Outlook plugin

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