Mozilla, what are you doing?

I’ve been a Firefox user for a long time. To date myself, just after version 1.0. It’s always been a wonderful browser and I’ve loved it dearly, converted my parents to Firefox (back in a time when it was all about IE) and even converted some friends over to it. Since then, I’ve been a loyal user.

Mozilla, why are you selling yourself out? With 34.0.5, default search is now Yahoo, and there’s even a sponsor tile on the new tab page. The last time I saw my browser throw an advertisement at me was the first (and last) time I used Opera.

You know how to make money, Mozilla. You’ve been producing an ad-free browser for years. Don’t throw the last decade down the drain.

My-Not-So-Dirty-PC: Stop buying into these scams so they’ll go away

2014-03-01 8-12-17 PMSo I’m sure you’ve seen the TV adverts from “”. If you haven’t, it’s a program that makes the claim that it can increase your computer’s speed and stuff like that. They make bogus claims that your computer will be “200% faster” and have a lot of fake testimonials (we’re not even going to give them the benefit of the doubt here…) claiming that all these computers were saved from the tech dump or something rather. If you’re reading this, you’re probably an IT professional (since that’s whom I market this blog to). If you’re not an IT professional, one probably sent you the link to this article. Please do not fall for these scams. Here’s why… Continue reading

Hey Mozilla, why are we going Chome?

firefoxIf you’ve been following the Firefox browser project over at Mozilla, you may know that they have released the build of Firefox 25 and along with it, a new user interface. You have your favorite browser, but mine is Firefox hands down. I’ve been a loyal user since version 1.4 and I’ve stuck through the horrible memory leak days (and yes, they’re improving it!) and even when everyone was flocking over to Chrome, I stayed with the trusty fox. Given my line of work, yes, I have used Chrome. I used to use it daily back when Firefox 9 had this bug that broke every Mediawiki powered website (like our company intranet at the time and Wikipedia just to name a couple). Once they fixed the bug, I was back.

Now a lot of Firefox users love the UI because it’s simple – it saves valuable screen real estate while it still allows lots of room for customization. I occasionally get festive with my Firefox browser around the different seasons or events (Olympics and FIFA World Cup, anyone?) but I also love the huge addon library available. One of the big controversies around Firefox 25 is the user interface named “Australis”. It’s essentially Chrome. The big argument is that if I wanted Firefox to look like Chrome, I very well could. And that is true.

Here is a little teaser of what Firefox 25’s new UI will look like on Windows 7:

firefox 25


If you want to view the full design specs, they are available here.

Adblock Plus

For the longest time, I never endorsed Adblock Plus. Why? I was a content publisher that relied on advertisements for some pocket change. However, there has been a serious change in the course of online advertising: annoying pop-ups that are smart enough to bypass browser OEM blockers (and yet legit ones get caught…), ads that play video, ads with random sounds that play, ads that grow in size and cover content until you close them…. the internet is becoming a mess of ads. So what to do…


Yes, I am officially endorsing Adblock Plus for several reasons now. First, by default, they allow good ads through – ones that are not annoying or intrusive. You know, Google text ads. They just sit there and they behave like ads should. Secondly, there is a pop-up blocker in ABP that actually works.

So go get ABP – it’s available for major web browsers on all platforms.

And if you’re curious as to who I have on my block list:

  • Facebook – Return to 2005, back when Zuck was anti-ads
  • Imgur – Too many video & random sound ads. Imgur’s counterpart, Reddit, is unblocked due to their strict ad standards.