The IT Cave is Returning Soon!

keep-calm-i-m-coming-back-2Hi everyone – I just wanted to drop a quick note that I have not forgotten about The Cave. Life has been crazy lately. I am getting back into corporate IT (I was working as a bus driver for some time, hence why this site was quiet) and relocating back to my old home. I’m actually quite excited and looking forward to it. My lab will also be coming back so I will start prepping more awesome articles and updates to old ones. Feel free to contact me in the mean time. My email is [email protected]

Welcome to “The IT Cave”

Welcome to The IT Cave, a tech site for IT professionals or for anyone who wants to learn a bit more about technology. So, lets get started!

Who are you and why “The IT Cave”?

My name is Travis Newton. I am the senior network and systems administrator for a mortgage company in Orlando, Florida. I started The IT Cave to separate tech posts from my personal posts on my personal blog. The name is an interesting story. It’s actually the name of my second office at work (I work out of two locations). Since I like to work in the dark (what IT person doesn’t?!), my office was coined “The Cave” so the name stuck and I rolled with it. Welcome to the online version.

What’s in The Cave?

A knowledge base of information! I will share any tips, tricks, and wisdom. If you have questions, please ask. If there is a something you want to know, please ask. I’ll cover topics from Linux to Windows, virtualization, and everything in between. Enjoy!