Hey, it’s Windows Server 2012…. R2?

Windows-Flat-Logo-8Yes, you read the title right… Microsoft is releasing Windows Server codename “Blue”, now officially Windows Server 2012 R2 very soon. I was able to get my hands on a pre-release copy and I have been slowly making my way through it. The biggest change: Viva La Start Button! Yes, the Start button is back, but it just links you to the new Start screen. The other improvements are the same that are in Windows 8.1, pending public preview release on June 26th (tomorrow). Another change is “Computer” is now “This PC”, again minor cosmetic changes. Just like the consumer version, Server 2012 R2 ships with Internet Explorer 11. Shipping with Server 2012 R2 as well is IIS 8.5. If you recall, all the default start pages for IIS have been hideous. IIS 8 was an improvement, but the 8.5 default start page is beautiful comparing next to any other version. In addition, it also ships with PowerShell 4.0 (I know – I haven’t even started on 3.0 yet!)

I’ll be working with the OS a bit more side by side with Windows 8.1 so check for more updates from The Cave!

Hey Mozilla, why are we going Chome?

firefoxIf you’ve been following the Firefox browser project over at Mozilla, you may know that they have released the build of Firefox 25 and along with it, a new user interface. You have your favorite browser, but mine is Firefox hands down. I’ve been a loyal user since version 1.4 and I’ve stuck through the horrible memory leak days (and yes, they’re improving it!) and even when everyone was flocking over to Chrome, I stayed with the trusty fox. Given my line of work, yes, I have used Chrome. I used to use it daily back when Firefox 9 had this bug that broke every Mediawiki powered website (like our company intranet at the time and Wikipedia just to name a couple). Once they fixed the bug, I was back.

Now a lot of Firefox users love the UI because it’s simple – it saves valuable screen real estate while it still allows lots of room for customization. I occasionally get festive with my Firefox browser around the different seasons or events (Olympics and FIFA World Cup, anyone?) but I also love the huge addon library available. One of the big controversies around Firefox 25 is the user interface named “Australis”. It’s essentially Chrome. The big argument is that if I wanted Firefox to look like Chrome, I very well could. And that is true.

Here is a little teaser of what Firefox 25’s new UI will look like on Windows 7:

firefox 25


If you want to view the full design specs, they are available here.