Pushing Packages with WSUS Package Publisher

Wsus Package PublisherI have a fairly popular post on here regarding pushing out Java via WSUS. In the previous post, I used LUP or Local Update Publisher. Now, LUP was a good tool however it appears to be no longer updated and it’s a little clunky so it takes some time to properly use and setup. Now, I’ve since moved over to PDQ Deploy from Admin Arsenal. It’s a fantastic product and I’d highly recommend using it (including the free mode) in addition to WPP. So let’s get down to business.

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Java 8 is here

Java-Evil-Edition-orfjackal_netIt’s here… Java 8.0.0. I was looking through my PDQDeploy package library and noticed the dreaded Java update.

I have deployed it to myself and another user in IT so that we can begin testing and see if we notice any compatibility issues right off the bat. So who wants to start taking bets as to when the next zero-day will be discovered?  As of this post, we’ve successfully made it 245 days since the last zero-day, but this is Java. As always, test, test, test, deploy!

My-Not-So-Dirty-PC: Stop buying into these scams so they’ll go away

2014-03-01 8-12-17 PMSo I’m sure you’ve seen the TV adverts from “MyCleanPC.com”. If you haven’t, it’s a program that makes the claim that it can increase your computer’s speed and stuff like that. They make bogus claims that your computer will be “200% faster” and have a lot of fake testimonials (we’re not even going to give them the benefit of the doubt here…) claiming that all these computers were saved from the tech dump or something rather. If you’re reading this, you’re probably an IT professional (since that’s whom I market this blog to). If you’re not an IT professional, one probably sent you the link to this article. Please do not fall for these scams. Here’s why… Continue reading