The one folder that’s unsyncable

o365-logoI’ve been working a lot more with the Office 365 cloud platform lately. Both personally and for business. I love it and I think it’s absolutely fantastic. I love having Exchange over a basic IMAP and having Skype for Business is also a plus as it allows me to directly contact vendors, colleagues, and clients effortlessly. OneDrive for Business is also the best – 1 TB of storage. I can now move my documents entirely to the cloud and I’ll have them wherever I’m at. However, there seems to be a limitation with what you can sync. There seems to be an interesting issue (one that I ran into with a customer as well as myself) where you cannot have a folder called “forms”. If you do, OneDrive will not sync.


There it is… the unsyncable. If you have that folder, your files will not sync. OneDrive will throw errors left and right. Get rid of the folder and everything syncs up.

cPanel, please stop changing my DNS records

Tcpanel11-50logohis is an issue that has me stumped. I can’t seem to find any record of it but I’m posting it here in case someone from cPanel comes across this or maybe someone who has found a fix can help me. Otherwise, I hope I educate you on why cPanel is becoming the worst piece of software ever. Ever since switching a customer over to Office 365, cPanel has become unhappy with some of these DNS records. For example, the CNAME “” cPanel insists on silently changing it to “”. So for example the record looks like:

but then it changes silently to

thus breaking everything. I’ve also noticed in SRV records, cPanel also insists on removing the protocol. So for example:


will change to simply


It’s becoming pure madness.

If I find a fix, I’ll be sure to document it here. cPanel, please fix this in an upcoming build. This is just pure madness. This is also why I offer pure dedicated servers without control panels to customers.