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firefoxIf you’ve been following the Firefox browser project over at Mozilla, you may know that they have released the build of Firefox 25 and along with it, a new user interface. You have your favorite browser, but mine is Firefox hands down. I’ve been a loyal user since version 1.4 and I’ve stuck through the horrible memory leak days (and yes, they’re improving it!) and even when everyone was flocking over to Chrome, I stayed with the trusty fox. Given my line of work, yes, I have used Chrome. I used to use it daily back when Firefox 9 had this bug that broke every Mediawiki powered website (like our company intranet at the time and Wikipedia just to name a couple). Once they fixed the bug, I was back.

Now a lot of Firefox users love the UI because it’s simple – it saves valuable screen real estate while it still allows lots of room for customization. I occasionally get festive with my Firefox browser around the different seasons or events (Olympics and FIFA World Cup, anyone?) but I also love the huge addon library available. One of the big controversies around Firefox 25 is the user interface named “Australis”. It’s essentially Chrome. The big argument is that if I wanted Firefox to look like Chrome, I very well could. And that is true.

Here is a little teaser of what Firefox 25’s new UI will look like on Windows 7:

firefox 25


If you want to view the full design specs, they are available here.


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