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2014-03-01 8-12-17 PMSo I’m sure you’ve seen the TV adverts from “MyCleanPC.com”. If you haven’t, it’s a program that makes the claim that it can increase your computer’s speed and stuff like that. They make bogus claims that your computer will be “200% faster” and have a lot of fake testimonials (we’re not even going to give them the benefit of the doubt here…) claiming that all these computers were saved from the tech dump or something rather. If you’re reading this, you’re probably an IT professional (since that’s whom I market this blog to). If you’re not an IT professional, one probably sent you the link to this article. Please do not fall for these scams. Here’s why…


The Setup

To prove the BS factor of “MyCleanPC.com”, I fired up a crisp Windows 7 Enterprise virtual machine since we need a clean workspace. No programs installed. Heck, I didn’t even run Windows Update. I just fired up IE and headed to mycleanpc.com.

Even this guy knows it's bullshit and he's pissed off he has to sell this crap.

Even this guy knows it’s bullshit and he’s pissed off he has to sell this crap.

Please don’t actually go there. It’s a terrible, terrible service. So then I downloaded and installed the software. Once it was installed, you’ll find two new icons on the desktop. “Live PC Help” one is labeled, even with a fancy medical cross – don’t bother. It  just takes you to US Tech Support’s site to sell you even more (aka pay them to run their scam software). The other is the main application, “My Clean PC PC Optimizer”.

What?! I just pressed scan! How the hell are there already 33 issues?

What?! I just pressed scan! How the hell are there already 33 issues?

Alright… so, just going off the obvious, it’s just doing some registry scans and hard drive scans for temp files, cookies, etc.

2014-03-01 8-44-52 PM

Oh noes!!! What will we do?! My computer has so many issues!

So now we have all of these “issues” on this brand new computer. Seems kind of fishy, right? Oh wait for it. It gets better. So now we have to “fix” all of this, right? Well, honestly, you can and I will show you down below in this article but none of this stuff will hurt your computer. It may slow it down just a bit.

You want how much?!

You want how much?!

Yes, they want $19.99 to activate the software and clean your computer… please, do not pay this. Let’s move on to the free alternative which is just as easy as this.

Doing it the right way. For free!

Now we all love free stuff. Why pay some company $20 to do something you can do for free? All you need are two pieces of software and your computer will be just fine.

Clean Up, Aisle 12

So to actually clean up your computer, get CCleaner and download the free version. Install and run it (it’s a next, next, next type of install… uncheck the addon software). It’s quick and easy.

For free antivirus software, I’ve been extremely satisfied with Avast Free. Install it and run it.

Just by regularly running CCleaner and Avast, your system will be running as good as new! And you’ll still have $20 in your pocket.


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  1. Brett Hanlon on

    I came across your page when I Googled “ustechsupport bullshit”. I loaded up their drunken sister program Speed Counts on a clean vm install of Win7 Pro as well to see if it was every bit as useless as I expected. It sure is. What a scam. Here’s the kicker.. the $20 a pop is only part of the scam, the other is semi-hidden in their Privacy Policy. They sell your name, address, email, and phone number to any “carefully selected” company they want to! How much do you wanna bet they track everywhere you go online too. My guess is the $20 pays for the constant advertising they do and the real money is made selling you out to everyone they can. At their core they are just malware purveyors.

    • I didn’t even bother to read their “Privacy” Policy! Good find!

      The Company may also make your name, email address, mailing address and/or telephone number available to carefully selected business partners, vendors and other third party organizations to provide you with information about products, services and special offers we think may interest you or to improve our products, services and advertising.

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