Friday, April 26

Windows-10The Windows 10 technical preview is live and I’ve been playing with it for the last few days. It is amazing. I love testing new OSs because it gives some insight into the future and where things are going. In the past, Microsoft has been pretty “you’ll use what we give you”, but this is the first time they actually truly listened to our gripes.

When I first reviewed Windows 8 and it’s value in the enterprise, I gave it a bad review. I told you that if you were going to see any real value out of it, you needed to add Classic Shell so you and your users would get Start menu functionality back, avoid seeing TIFKAM (The Interface Formally Known As Metro), and basically just be able to use your computer like you had for the last 20-odd years. Well, Windows 10 changes all of that. In fact, that review is null and void.

I’ve been using Windows 10 in a VM as I don’t have a machine to install it on at work, but so far I love it. In fact, I even replaced Windows 8.1 at home with it I loved it so much. I also have yet to see TIFKAM thanks to the fact that TIFKAM apps actually open in normal windows which you can resize, move, and even minimize. Yep, Windows has finally taken its medication and is no longer schizophrenic. Alright, that’s not entirely true. You still have redundant control panels and other redundant features (I adjust Windows Updates from which interface again?) but I am hoping that these slowly fade out as this is the technical preview.

So far, my only complaint are the tiles in the Start menu. If you pin a non-“modern app” to the Start menu such as cmd.exe, it shows up as this giant square with a tiny 64×64 icon. Really? Well, hopefully this changes in future releases. But I will say, I’ve yet to revert to Start Is Back, Classic Shell, Start8 or any of those.

Seriously, if you hated 8.X, give 10 a try!


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