Friday, April 26

I’ve been a Firefox user for a long time. To date myself, just after version 1.0. It’s always been a wonderful browser and I’ve loved it dearly, converted my parents to Firefox (back in a time when it was all about IE) and even converted some friends over to it. Since then, I’ve been a loyal user.

Mozilla, why are you selling yourself out? With 34.0.5, default search is now Yahoo, and there’s even a sponsor tile on the new tab page. The last time I saw my browser throw an advertisement at me was the first (and last) time I used Opera.

You know how to make money, Mozilla. You’ve been producing an ad-free browser for years. Don’t throw the last decade down the drain.


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  1. Matheus Lopes on

    I stopped with Firefox around 2 years ago…..

    Updates after updates failing to do something good.

    I am a happy Chrome user now. Syncing my android phone with google account…

    Everything works fine….

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