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windows-server-2016With Server 2016 on the horizon, you may have started to test some of the builds out. As of right now, Technical Preview 4 (TP4) is available which is build 10586. In previous versions of Windows Server, you may have been used to Microsoft locking down Internet Explorer with Enhanced Security Configuration. However, on Server 2016 (and sometimes Windows 10), when you try to install programs that launch the default browser or you try to launch the default browser (Edge), you’ll be greeted with:

2016-01-15 10_28_38-Trac [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox

So annoying, right? So here’s how to fix that:

Press Windows Key + R to open the Run box and enter secpol.msc to open the Local Security Policy.

2016-01-15 10_37_29-Trac [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox

Head to Local Policies > Security Options and find “User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator Account” and double click it.

2016-01-15 10_40_47-Trac [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox

Select Disabled and click OK.

Now we need to make a registry edit as well (typical). So open up regedit (Windows Key + R and type in regedit)

2016-01-15 10_44_21-Trac [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox

Navigate to HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Policies > System > UIPI and change the default key to 0x00000001(1)

2016-01-15 10_48_14-Trac [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox

Reboot your system and you’re golden!


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