Friday, April 26

File this under the “Not-so-kosher” department, but if you’re behind a few Windows editions and you’re running Windows 10 Enterprise (typical for volume license customers), you’d need to update by having your administrator upgrade your computer with updated Windows 10 media. For example, if you’re on the Anniversary Update and you want to go to the Creator’s Update and running the Enterprise SKU of Windows 10, then this workaround will get you to the latest build.

So to do this, you need to have Windows 10 Enterprise and a Microsoft Account (if you have an XBOX account, Windows Live or Outlook account, you’ve got a Microsoft Account).

Go to Settings and open Update & Security. On the left hand side, go to the Windows Insider Program and enroll your computer. This is where you’ll need your Microsoft Account. Once that’s done, you’ll be asked to reboot your computer. Once you reboot, go back to the Windows Insider Program tab. Change your release frequency to fast. Wait a few minutes and then check Windows Update. If you see a large download that is labeled “Feature Update”, then this is the next version of Windows. Once it installs and you’re rebooted, check the desktop area next to the clock – it should be empty. For example, it should look like this:

If there is white text in that region that says “Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Build #####”, then you’re on a preview build and you’ll have to stay in the Windows Insider Program until the next final build comes around. You can click the button to stop insider builds when the next full version comes and you can set yourself to the slow ring.

A word of warning: don’t do this in a managed enterprise environment such as your work. It’ll make your IT person mad if you break something and not all software may be compatible with the latest build.


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