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I’ve (really my business, Xinsto and NodeSpace Web Hosting) been using SupportPal for quite some time now. The software has gone through a few updates since my previous review so I figured I’d talk about some of the changes made. This article will be a supplemental review since everything I said in the first review is still completely valid. I’ll just touch on some of the new features since then.

New Features

Here’s some of the new features that have been added. These have added amazing functionality to SupportPal since I began using it. Some of these features require server-side setup, others work out of the box.

Clean Subject Lines

This is one of my favourite features. Introduced in version 2.1.2, this feature allows you to completely remove the ticket number from the subject line to keep it clean. What it does is change the reply to address to [email protected] That string of numbers is how SupportPal knows how to route the ticket. All that’s needed is a compatible email server. It’s really nice to be able to keep the subject lines clean. Most ticketing systems lack this feature.

Time Tracking

In version 2.2.0, a time tracking feature was added. This is a very valuable feature. As you can see from the screenshot above, it adds a timesheet option to each ticket. When someone begins working on a ticket, they can click the start button on the side of the ticket.

The tech can also pause and stop the timer if need be. When the tech is done, they can update their time details within the timesheet such as marking time billable or adding a description of work that they completed. We use this feature extensively as we bill clients for time. Having the timesheet available is great in the event that they dispute an invoice. All the work is logged with the ticket!

It’s really easy to edit the time entry and put in details.

Ticket Forwarding

This is a new feature in version 2.3.0 recently released. It allows you to forward a ticket on just as if you were forwarding a regular email. This can be useful if you need to loop in third parties or other people. I haven’t used this feature yet, but I have had cases where this would be useful.

You can also forward messages from within the ticket, too.

Linking Tickets

Also introduced in 2.3.0, this is another one of those features where some software developers say no, every issue needs to be it’s own ticket and where others say you should be able to link tickets. Thankfully SupportPal takes the latter stance on the issue. Let’s say for example we have an issue with cPanel on a shared server and a lot of our customers open a ticket about it. This feature would give us the ability to link similar tickets together so they can easily be updated and managed.

Other features and improvements

CC’d users on tickets have the ability to update tickets just like regular users. The user who the ticket is opened under will also receive an update.

Custom fields have received some validation updates.

Multiple languages is now supported. You’ll see this in the URL structure and within the interface itself. If you only use one language, you won’t have any issues.

There have been ticket grid updates to make it easier to see what is in a ticket such as notes, attachments, tags, comments, messages, etc.

Final thoughts

SupportPal keeps getting better and better. I seriously cannot stop recommending them enough. The only downfall is that there was some changes in WHMCS that broke some of the integration with SupportPal. There is a workaround to send your users directly to SupportPal, so its not a terrible thing. It’s just a pain because you do have to update your WHMCS templates. The last I was told, this should be fixed soon.

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9.8 Awesome!

When you need a modern, functional, and updated help desk program, SupportPal really hits the nail on the head. It's fairly priced for budgets of all sizes and it is only getting better.

  • Appearance 10
  • Functionality 10
  • Price 9.5
  • Features 9.5
  • Support 10
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